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Lawyers - Legal Assistance
   General Counsel 
   Academic Formation
  • Attending a doctorate from the University of Buenos Aires - Scheduled for completion in December 2012;
  • M.B.A. in Human Resources by Universidade Federal do Paraná - concluded in 2007;
  • Lawyer by PUC-SP;

    Mensa's Member -

    Academic Experience

  • Deputy Assistant of Civil Procedure of the Dr. Antonio Cezar Peluso at PUC-SP from 2000 to 2002. He is currently the President of the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Supreme Court in the Brazil);
  • Professor of alternate materials of Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law and Civil Law, Centre of Expertise and Training in São Paulo Lawyers - CEFASP in the years 2000 to 2001;
  • Professor of Criminal Procedure in the CEC, preparatory course for public procurement in the years 2004 and 2005;
  • Visiting Professor at PUC-PR, campus São José dos Pinhais to the field of criminal law, under the supervision of Dr. Fabiano da Rosa, a lawyer and member of the OAB/PR;
  • Speaker's official Narcotics Division - DINARC in the years 2004 and 2005, for events at schools, colleges and companies.


  • Course about Attitude and Professional Image sponsored by Fundação Bradesco - april 2011;
  • Business Ethics organized by FGV - march 2011;
  • Laws Course Applied to People Management - march 2011;
  •  Course of Excellence in Customer Service - march 2011;
  • The role of the Senate and Political power structure - march 2011;
  • Fundamental Principles of Tax Law organized by FGV - february 2011;
  • Sustainability in the day-to-day organized by FGV - february 2011;
  • Course on Managerial Process Management - October 2010; 
  • Understanding of Occupational Health and Safety - Legal Aspects August 2010;

  • Procedure of Work - Resources - May 2010;
    Career Course for Attorney - 2008;

  • Conflict Management Course - May 2006;

  • Refresher course in Public Safety Management sponsored by the School of Civil Police in partnership with the Academy of Military Police Guatupê - September 2005;
  • Course Chief of Police by the School of Civil Police of Parana - 2002 and 2003; 
  • The new Law of Limited Liability Companies promoted by Consultants and Auditors Affectum S/C Ltda. - December 2002;
  • Course Review and Award Bank Credit sponsored by Galardi Ney & Associates - June 2002;

  • Career Course for Judicial promoted by the course of Dr. Antonio Carlos Marcatto - 2001;

  • School Officers of the Military Police of São Paulo (White Clay) - Student Officer (Cadet) in 1995, having been placed 8th in the class.

  • Aspects of the Law Enforcement Supervisor and their interpretations - May 2008;

  • Legal Seminar of the Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul - BRDE - 2003;

  • The impact of the new Civil Code in consumer relations and the Business Law and Real Estate - November 2004.

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