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Instructors - Special Forces
Instructors - Safe Driving
Instructors - Racing Driver
Consultants - Consulting
Lawyers - Legal Assistance
Instructors - Racing Driver
1. Nascar Driver: Racing Experience/2006 - Califórnia Speedway.

2. Turism Pilot - Interlagos, Alpie/2005.

3. GNV Pilot - AIC/2005.

Kart Pilot.

5. Course/2005: Defensive driving, evasive and anti-kidnapping with Armored Cars - Safe Driving School.

6. Course/2006 and 2007: Defensive driving, evasive and anti-kidnapping with Armored Cars - S.W.A.T.

 Off Road and 4x4 by Nissan.

8. Knowledge about mechanical maintenance.

9. Knowledge about armored cars.
10. General Knowledge about motorcycles.

11. General Knowledge about trucks.

12. Aircraft mechanic in the specialties of aerodynamics, combustion engines, jet engines, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and structure.

13. Theoretical knowledge of single engine aircraft and VFR navigation.

14. Intermediate knowledge about piloting and navigation of small aircraft.

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